EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Cub Sport Exemplifies Sincere Alt-Pop Songwriting In “Chasin’”


The most impactful singer/songwriters are the ones who invite you into their personal lives with open arms, the ones who choose to share nothing but the most raw and emotional sincerity within their lyrics–because it's precisely that sense of open vulnerability that leads listeners to take a deeper dive into their own emotions. Cub Sport scores an A+ in this department with a consistent succession of beautifully honest, indie-pop songwriting, following lead singer Tim Nelson's own relationship with fellow band member, keyboardist Bolan. 

With the forthcoming release of their sophomore album, BATS, the Brisbane-based band has undoubtedly come into their own–as personal enlightenment clearly paved the way to a sonic innovation. Following suit to the record's debut single, "O Lord,"  “‘Chasin'" is an uninhibited examination of the process by which one comes to terms with what the heart truly desires–in Nelson's case, a queer relationship (and now engagement!) with Bolan. As Nelson shared an open statement,

”’Chasin’ is the opening track off our new album BATS, and it’s sort of the start of the whole story. In the middle of 2015 I went on a writing trip to LA and London. I was enjoying the creative process, but I was sad for most of my time away because I missed my best friend/band mate Bolan (Sam). It just made me realize that I was in love with him, which was equal parts exciting and distressing. I wrote 'Chasin'' just after I got home from that trip. I feel like it ties together all of the feelings I had during that time.“

The highly-anticipated BATS album is set for a Sept. 22 independent release and is sure to attract praise from Australian and worldwide fans alike. Nelson gave more insight into his personal creative process,

"As an album, BATS sits in a pretty different realm to any of our previous releases–it feels like an unhindered exploration both personally and musically. The songs are about learning who I am and how I found my way to Bolan–from first realizing I was in love with him, through to the moment we told each other how we felt and then all of the emotions that came with finally being together. Having co-produced this album, I feel like I’ve been able to get each song to a place where it sounds exactly how I was feeling. I've never been more excited or proud to release music!”

Tim Nelson and Sam Netterfield are a truly inspiration to songwriters and all lovers who face the challenges of sexuality and commitment. Pre-order the album here, and stream your first listen of "Chasin'" below: