EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Daniella Mason’s Loving New Single Gives Us “Butterflies”


Photo: Bree Marie Fish

In the pop realm, it's easy to fall into the trap of writing according to a "hit maker" formula. For electro-pop singer Daniella Mason, unique vocals and genuine songwriting truly allow her to stand out. We've recently featured her music in our #NowWatching Playlist: Eternal Summer Edition, but we're excited to give the singer a spotlight of her own today: Mason's first full-length record will be dropping on Oct. 13, and we have your first listen to one of the featured singles, "Butterflies."

"Butterflies" takes a happy turn from Mason's previous single, "Cruel Summer." While "Cruel Summer" channels the loneliness of a season away from her husband, who was on tour, "Butterflies" is about the feelings of love and infatuation that last after many years into a relationship. Mason revealed,

"'Butterflies’ was a fun one. My husband, Chris, and I wrote it with one of our favorite people, Grayson Proctor, from BIYO. We’re all fanfriends of each other and we have a blast. We came in and Grayson had a track he’d started that was inspired by my song 'Planet,’ so it was easy to get on board and the single unfolded very quickly. It makes sense that my other super cute song would make way for this super cute song. 

The theme came about as we started to talk about our respective relationships and how, although we’ve been together for years, we still get butterflies. I’ve been with Chris for almost ten years now and still, every time I pick him up from the airport or from a tour bus, my stomach just does flips. I fully realize this is all very vomit-worthy, but I think it will resonate with those in love, both young and old, and give hope to the rest of us who yearn for it.“

From the onset, we're immediately hit by Mason's airy yet powerful vocals and light, cheery beat. In a build-up of anticipation and giddiness, Mason professes that even after "all the years have gone by/And still I find my/My heart taking flight." All the butterflies that have been gathering are finally released in a burst of lively synths, Mason's bright vocals, and a rhythmic bassline in the chorus. As a beautiful product of true love, "Butterflies" washes over us in waves of bliss from one verse to the next.

Mason is the epitome of an independent artist–she does her own graphic design work, directs her music videos, and styles her own photo shoots.  And while "Butterflies" definitely has the catchiness of an upbeat electro-pop song, it certainly isn't just another pop song. Mason has worked with heavy hitters in the pop world, having written for Nick Jonas and toured with DNCE and Demi Lovato. But her music is tastefully written and songwriter heavy, reflective of her base in Nashville. As a daughter of missionaries, Mason grew up traveling the world, and her international upbringing further contributes to a diverse, global sound that is unique to her genre.

Be on the lookout for Mason's self-titled album out on Oct. 13 and stream "Butterflies" below: