EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dark Pop Breakout Eloïse Satirizes Celebrity Culture in “Now He Wears White”


Photo: Shit Girlfriend

The latest from 18-year-old UK noir-pop star in-the-making, Ones To Watch is thrilled to premiere Eloïse's striking new single, "Now He Wears White." Her unexpected deep voice takes on a sinister quality as it saturates the dark electronic track with a unique, rich color, taking listeners on a lyrical ride exploring the dangers of fanaticism and idolism of celebrities.

Wasting no time, the young starlet opens her new song with incredibly poignant imagery, singing with a drawl, "Someone once told him that he looks like Elvis / so now he wears white every night / and thinks he's Jesus." Glamorously dark lyrical style invokes comparison to the so-often "worshipped" Lana Del Rey, a prime example of pop-culture idolization which Eloïse's songs fight against, as the young artist proves a surprising level of maturity and skilled prowess in her craft.

"I don't think you're more than your cigarettes / I don't think you're more than your private jets," rhymes in each iteration of the chorus, set against high-pitched howling cries in the background of the mix. Showcasing a dramatic vocal dexterity and tonal quality similar to Marina and the Diamonds or Florence + The Machine (particularly in her higher register), Eloïse uses to her advantage this contrast between her possible artistic influences and uncommon thematic content defying the tropes of her genre.

Produced by Rory Simmons, the track builds to a swirling, chaotic breakbeat climax before devolving back to the loop-based rhythms and electronic flourishes sampled from Simmons' library that tie the whole song together from start to finish. Eloïse gifted Ones To Watch with further insight into how the production enhanced and expanded her original concept for "Now He Wears White":

“The Elvis/Jesus line was a real fusion of my love of that kind of imagery and also some ideas I had about celebrity culture and worship, and it sat in my phone notes for a while because I couldn't quite work out what I wanted to say round the edges of it. When Rory sent over the loop of the 'me from you' lyric there was a real darkness and richness to it so I wanted to slot in the stuff you hear in songs like that- the glamorous imagery with this weird metaphor and idea to show how ridiculous the convention in popular music of writing about private jets and champagne is."

Just finishing her A-levels (a British equivalent to American advanced placement exams or SAT subject tests), Eloïse has already released her debut EP, Marie Antoinette, a few months ago. Three singles preceded the project, starting in 2016. All of the young artist's releases are connected by the underlying thread of Eloïse's satirical take on society - tackling the romanticization of women "killing for love" or simply the enormous pressures facing young people today.

Enter the dark, pop-electronica world of the rising UK talent Eloïse with your first listen of her sensational new "Now He Wears White" below.

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