EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dream-Pop Duo Conditioner Reflects on Love Lost with “Sleeping Arrangements”


Bandmates Aaron Kirkbride and Riley McCluskey, both originally from Los Angeles, wound up meeting in college all the way across the country at University of Pennsylvania. With vocalist/guitarist McCluskey's falsetto and bassist/keyboardist Kirkbride's knack for intricate musicality, the pair realized the potential of their collaboration back in L.A. after graduation, finally forming Conditioner.

Heavily inspired by classic acts like The Beach Boys, but with a modern psychedelic sound akin to BØRNS, Conditioner boasts a warm, retro vibe that easily transports listeners above the chaos of everyday life. As fans sway along with the rhythm of beachy guitar riffs and funky bass lines, the band's new track "Sleeping Arrangements" holds up rose-colored glasses to filter through memories and reflections of a failed relationship. This highlights the electronic-leaning pop duo's signature artistry– a pleasant contrast of melancholic themes with sunny tunes.

Conditioner shared on the song's meaning,

“This track is about falling in and out of love at the same time–that uncanny moment where you realize a relationship is falling apart and start reflecting on when you met and how you fell in love in the first place. Processing all those bright memories as a relationship hurtles towards its close can be a real mind-bending experience, and we were hoping to communicate that topsy-turvy trip with this song.”

While the verses and chorus alternate perspectives from the initial blooming love to the present disappointed confusion after an inevitable break-up, McCluskey profoundly sums up the relationship's trajectory in one line, "We burned brightly, but briefly." Yet he still wonders, almost as a vague afterthought in the mess of the ensuing heartbreak, "How long has the whole world known / That you and me were not meant to be?" The realization that things simply were not meant to work out allows a calm wave of acceptance to wash over the narrator.

Conditioner has enjoyed some significant love from the online and local music communities throughout the release of only a few tracks so far, including their debut "That's Not Me" on Ones To Watch in summer 2016.

Enjoy your exclusive first listen of Conditioner's "Sleeping Arrangements" below: