EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: DROELOE Encapsulates the Struggle & Triumph of Creation in “BACKBONE”


The act of creating of music is a process, a process that listeners often only take a part of in its final moments. Yet, in a rare occurrence, DROELOE's newest single, released via bitbird, "BACKBONE" brings listeners into the emotions surrounding this creative process-frustrations, triumphs, and all-in an immaculately polished gem of future bass production.

The Dutch duo, comprised of Vincent Rooijers and Hein Hammers, burst onto the electronic music scene in 2016 and have since then continued their rapid ascent with a series of standout singles and their striking debut EP, A Moment In Time. As for what makes DROELOE's sound so enticing, it's the way in which they bring not only "BACKBONE" to life but the artistic sentiment they bring to their electronic music as a whole. As the shining duo under the independent record label bitbird, a label infamous for its progressive and futurist take in the world of dance music, DROELOE take the label's slogan of "create forever" to heart.

"BACKBONE" is a rarity that reminds listeners why the term future bass came into existence in the first place. From its very outset to its final moments, "BACKBONE" never dissipates in the soaring feats of production on display, eliciting feelings of unparalleled enjoyment and triumph. The feeling is only elevated to greater heights with Nevve's emotive vocals that bring the themes surrounding "BACKBONE" to the forefront. DROELOE was kind enough to share a few, yet poignant, words with us,

"Sometimes you have to make a lot of shit you don’t like before you come up with something you do like. This track is the result of one of those times.“

A simple sentiment yet a sentiment that is undeniably true for anyone who has undergone any sort of creative process, as tackling failure and daunting circumstances head-on is exactly what "BACKBONE" is all about. Creating a song that is worthwhile and manages to truly say something is rarely an easy process, and DROELOE has managed to give sonic form to this very struggle and subsequent triumph that underlies the act of creation. "BACKBONE" is without a doubt the creation of artists who seek to create forever, no matter how difficult the road leading to the final act of creation may be.  

Take your first listen to "BACKBONE" below: