EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Electro-Pop Duo OYLS Step “In The Light” with Upbeat New Single


Who says that work and personal life can't mix? For OYLS, comprised of vocalist Michael Lipp and producer David Kirshenbaum, a shared childhood dream of becoming musicians turned into a reality. In anticipation for the electro-pop band's forthcoming EP, we have your first listen of the leading single, "In The Light."

"In The Light" couples a chill electronic sonic with upbeat dance-able vibes. The feel-good tone of the track is immediately established by the gradual building of vibrant synths, and the mood is carried through by breezy vocals, a groovy bass line, and the occasional fanfare of trumpets, urging you to "dance all through the night." As the title suggests, the single ultimately takes listeners on a carefree journey of self-discovery. The track was also a process of realization for OYLS, with Lipp revealing,

"It's coming from this place of being in a really cloudy head space and having those weird, in-between moments of clarity. Light is kind of shining the awareness on yourself. Those are the dance moments."

Lipp and Kirshenbaum began making music together in high school but parted ways for college. When Kirshenbaum heard Lipp would be taking a job in China, he knew he had to convince his childhood friend to pursue their longstanding dream of music. OYLS was thrust into the spotlight when their 2016 single, "Maps," put them on the charts.  

The pair had never made electronic music prior to "Maps," but their first single was electronic simply because they were in college and didn't have any instruments. It was only after press and publicists labeled them as a "new indie obsession" that the two were hit with the reality of their beginnings as an electronic band. After jumping in whole-heartedly, investing financially, and even getting money stolen (a case that nearly landed them on Judge Judy), OYLS have come a long way. It is because of the liveliness and long-term trust of their friendship that they can fully dive into their passion and overcome the many obstacles that musicians face. We love the genuine camaraderie between Lipp and Kirshenbaum, and that it shines through their music.

Stream "In The Light" below: