Exclusive Premiere: Emily Warren Calms our Insecurities in Her New Single “Paranoid”


Though there's a good chance she's written some of your favorite songs by heavy hitters like Melanie Martinez, The Chainsmokers, and Shawn Mendes, Emily Warren is proving to be more than just a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum songwriter.  Warren first made a name for herself as an artist when she sang on electropop duo Frenship's hit single "Capsize," which she also co-wrote. She has since continued songwriting along with putting out powerful tracks of her own like "Something To Hold On To" and last month's release "Symmetry." Recognizing  just how influential music can be, Warren's mission with her music is to use her platform to promote positive change.

Now, Warren is back again with a new refreshing, feel-good track entitled "Paranoid." Her personality undeniably shines through her strong vocals and it's exactly the kid of lighthearted, infectious tune we've been waiting for. Warren talked a bit about how the song was created:

"I made this song with a few of my all time faves, Britt Burton, Scott Harris, Nick Ruth and Mac & Phil. We went away to write and one morning we all ended up in the same room, started playing around and "Paranoid" happened! I'm so excited that this song is out because sonically it's a little different than what I've put out so far, and since I made it with such great people it's fun to share it with them."

You've likely been unknowingly loving Emily Warren as a songwriter for awhile now, and we know you're going to love Emily Warren the artist. You can take an exclusive first listen of "Paranoid" below.