EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Escape with Mons Vi on an Introspective “Nite Drive”


Picture this: You're driving in some perfectly kept up vintage car (let's say a late '60s or early '70s Mercedes-Benz), the only source of illumination happens to be starlight or the city lights of some far-off town, and your romantic partner is by your side throughout this picturesque night drive. It's the type of scene that sounds like Hollywood-fantasy, yet the scene comes readily to mind during a cursory listen of Mons Vi's latest, "Nite Drive." However, upon closer inspection, what Mons Vi has truly brought to life here is not backing music for some picturesque fantasy but rather an introspective sensation of a track.

Mons Vi, consisting of Miami natives turned New York transplants Matthew Hershoff and Adrianne Gonzalez, makes electronic-influenced indie pop with a striking lo-fi aesthetic that places them in a camp all their own.   

The duo's newest gift to the world, "Nite Drive," is engrossing from the outset. "Nite Drive" opens up not on the conversational vocals or dreamy production that constitute the majority of the track, but instead opens on the chirping of crickets. It's a subtle touch that speaks volumes, drawing the listener into the minute inner-workings of Mons Vi's world. When taken in conjunction with the contents of Hershoff's and Gonzalez' back-and-forth vocals, the supposed "Nite Drive" is not one of fantastical Hollywood escapism - it is a literal desire to escape in some form or another.  


Hershoff of Mons Vi was kind enough to share a few words with us on the construction and themes surrounding "Nite Drive,"

“I wrote the music on a train in Italy and the words in a hostel in Belgrade. The song is about loneliness, the comfort of darkness, and the desire to move without moving.”

"I wonder when you and I will meet," these are the last words Hershoff utters on "Nite Drive." The lingering question we as a listener are left with is simply stated yet moving in its poignancy. It is the perfect culmination of this reflective journey that Mons Vi has taken us on, leaving us with a wistful sense of hope for what comes next.

Take your first listen to "Nite Drive" below: