EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Float Away on a “Little Brown Cloud” in EMÆL’s Latest Album Teaser


Indie-rock band EMÆL is currently gearing up to release their new album Glasswork on Feb. 23, but before the project hits your speakers, we're happy to premiere their latest single "Little Brown Cloud." Brooding and riveting, the wide range of stylistic influences hints at the avant-garde sound the band has cultivated over the years, and will certainly spark interest in the forthcoming album.

A menacing, robotic mumble introduces the song, before the lyrics and sparse guitar notes add to the soundscape. Once they finally enter, the sound is organic and genuine, as the band uses nature-related metaphors and earthy drums to create a sound reflective of trekking through the wilderness. Guitarist Michael Womack sings of embracing one's current situation whether positive or negative, and enjoying the journey as life rolls on. 

Speaking about the song, EMÆL shared more about its creation and meaning:

“'Little Brown Cloud' came to Michael and I when we were just hanging out. As the song developed, its carefree sound the meaning came to us. The song finds that the struggles of life are often inevitable, but it is how we face those challenges that truly shape us. 'Little Brown Cloud' is about moving life in the right direction, realizing the path taken, and appreciating the beauty along the way. As probably the most care-free sounding EMÆL song to date, it felt right for guitarist Michael Womack to take the lead vocal on this one. As the song ventures into stormier territory in the latter half I (Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess) return to the mic. This was a fun song for us because we really all collaborated together on its creation.”

The SoCal band is poised for success as they prepare to share more of their music with the world, with all indications showing that the album will not disappoint. Mark your calendars for Glasswork's imminent release, and check out the new single below to get a taste: