EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Folk-Duo Beta Radio Releases “Our Remains” Touching on Unfound Self-Discovery


With a comforting and familiar melody, folk-duo Beta Radio draws you in and takes you back with their newest track, "Our Remains" premiering with Ones To Watch exclusively before its Friday, April 6 release. "Our Remains" is inadvertently lovely, taking the style and grace of Eddie Vedder's "Guaranteed" from his 2007 solo album, Into the Wild. The tale of self-discovery shines through the lyricism and, as a whole, Brent and Ben have beautifully wound "Our Remains" into a carefully orchestrated piece of music. Reflecting on that discovery, Ben gives us more context:

"'Our Remains' is a song that meditates on the experience of searching for a home in a person, a place, or an ideology, but not finding it."  

To clarify the musical creation of the track, Brent gives:

"The instrumental piano melody was the first thing that I wrote on an electric guitar, and then recorded it on my iPhone to build the acoustic guitar part around it. Turned out to be weird timing, [but] just went with it. Ben letter suggested adding a Ukulele part with the acoustic and it really transformed the song."

"Our Remains" builds slowly as it evolves into a cinematic finale. It's the song you'd think would have played as Gordie and Chris of Stand By Me walked home together - the final goodbye as you hear:

"Little souls, can take no more, I'm torn from everyone, it'll never be the same /
Summer haze, all decaying, hand around a blade, I don't wanna wait, I'm wearing loves remains"

From Wilmington, North Carolina, Beta Radio will release "Our Remains" under their newly signed-to label, Nettwerk - also the first track off their upcoming album due out later this year. The duo, Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman, have been crafting their musical sound since their meeting at a high school summer camp - they've played in multiple bands of differing genres before finally settling on the Americana folk piece they portray today. With multi-instrumentalism and rustic vocals that bloom with favorites of the past, get your first listen of Beta Radio's "Our Remains," and hit play below: