EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Get Your Sneak Peek of Half The Animal’s Eclectic ‘Shapes’ EP


Los Angeles based alt-rock band Half The Animal's debut EP Shapes releases this Friday March 31, but we have a sneak peak of the two unreleased (and magnificent) featured songs today. 

You may have already heard their previously released singles, "Babylon" and "Saturday Night," both of which are anthemic, sonically massive tunes, meant to be played at full volume. With this EP, the Animals are giving us more of just that.

With "If You Want My Love," the band makes a slight turn towards a more Bruno Mars-esque slow jam vibe. The chorus showcases lead singer Chase Johnson's raspy soulful vocals, layered atop a slower hip hop beat and echoey finger snaps, a la Michael Jackson. Drummer Nick Gross shared, "'If You Want My Love' is one of those left field songs for us that we decided to put on the EP. We wanted to make sure to have diversity between the four songs and really give fans a taste of what Half the Animal can be. We don’t want any limitations to the music we create or put out. The song has a swag and confidence to it that we think people will dig."

On the other hand, "Divided" returns to the anthemic rock sound that Half the Animal is known for, but with an added flair of pop synth. Hang around for a pretty epic guitar solo with layered canyon cries at the bridge, and this one will likely be the one you play on repeat. With its driving beat, it's an ode to U2 and 30 Seconds to Mars, and would certainly win in the category of "most likely to appear on an epic action movie trailer." Nick expanded, "'Divided' is a song about a relationship where you’re trying to make a change for the sake of saving the relationship because it brings a positive value to your life that you don’t want to let go of. We’ve all been in those situations, and 'Divided' is that song for us."

With these two tunes rounding out the Shapes EP, we can enjoy a lovely sampler platter of what the band has in store for the future. "We’re stoked to introduce Half the Animal to the world! This project has been a long time coming. We’ve worked the past two years on setting up the songs and the branding behind what we are doing," Nick shared. Pre-order the EP here.


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