EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Grammy-Nominated Odesza Writer Naomi Wild Unmasks Her Feelings on “Howlin’”


Grammy-nominated writer for Odesza’s “Higher Ground," Naomi Wild brings more sultry lyricism and electronic vibes to her latest track, "Howlin'" premiering exclusively with Ones To Watch before it hits platforms Friday, April 6. With more and more music showcasing the difficulties of finding love in today's era, Naomi Wild intends to open up the conversation about the feelings that are often pushed down in an effort to adhere to the branding of this new generation - the carefree, Insta-worthy, "too cool to care" attitude so many young people feel they have to put on. She dives deeper: 

"'Howlin' is about the 'chase.' When you want someone with every bone in your body, but the social norm is to act like you're too cool to care. It's almost frowned upon to show too much feeling. Putting out this record is the first time I feel like I can say honestly that I'm ready - I don't feel as lost as I did before and I'm starting to get really excited that it's finally starting to bloom in my music."

Being born into a musical family - her dad was once signed to RCA, her grandmother sang with 50s doo-wop group, The Platters, and her mother was in Playboy's "The Girls of Rock 'n' Roll" - Naomi Wild's destiny may have been music, but it was never her intention. However, in college she grew accustomed to writing songs and sending them off into the unclaimed universe where emails go to die. Yet, for Wild, they didn't just die. In fact, one email got into the hands of electronic duo, Odesza, and they wrote to her sample right then and there. Everything sort of fell into place after that. She went on to tour with Odesza and even accompanied them on their last album, A Moment Apart – eventually developing her own sound through the process. From a personal insight, Wild gives us more context: 

"It took me quite a few trashed projects to develop the sound I have right now. I went through writing so many different genres and the shoe just wasn't fitting - I think I needed to step back and dig a little deeper into who I'm becoming right now. I started overthinking a lot of it to the point where I was like, 'Okay - I'm just going to strip everything down to the bones and rebuild.' I was constantly held back by this fear that I wouldn't make something that would meet the high expectations I have for myself. I went on tour and came back with this fire inside of me that wasn't really something I felt like I had control over and that's when the music started writing itself. I've never been so attached to something I've made as I am this project because it's a product of what came from letting go and allowing myself to grow." 

Opening up with 90s electronic bounces, "Howlin'" later evolves into a modern dance track that's both light and refreshing. Wild's intentional yearning is achieved through her pleading vocals and anxious tone as she croons her way through the chorus in a way that leaves the listener on the edge of their seat. Experience Naomi Wild's brand new track, "Howlin'" for yourself, below: