EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Grammy Winning Songwriter Sam Martin Hails “Long Live the Billionaire” on New Single


Infused with Americana, Sam Martin has crafted a piece so iconic, U2 fans everywhere will be bowing down to his Bono-esque vocals in "Long Live The Billionaire." Both simplistic in its stylings and dark in its storytelling, "Long Live The Billionaire" is an all-encompassing art piece. Striving for longevity through his powerful lyricism, Sam Martin is embracing freedom on "Long Live The Billionaire." Simultaneously releasing both the track and the video on March 30, Sam has partnered up with Ones To Watch to exclusively premiere the two ahead of the Friday release date. 

Cinematic and intense, "Long Live The Billionaire" is a track that builds to momentum. Surrounding wartime, and the death that often results, this track brings attention to the survivor. As the lyrics point out, "I know who you came for, but it wasn't me / Soldier on a road, did they promise you gold? … Eagle in the sky are you just flying by? Did you come here to save me or bury me alive? Soldier in the road tell me what were you told." And, as Sam Martin himself points out: 

"In peaceful times sons bury their fathers, in war time, fathers bury their sons – this song is for those who profit from war."


A musical chameleon, Sam Martin is a Grammy Award winning musician, singer-songwriter, and producer. Martin has written for the likes of artists consisting of: Jason Derulo, Maroon 5, Ziggy Marely, G-Eazy, and more. In fact, Jason Derulo's song entitled "Want to Want Me" co-written by Martin currently holds the record for the most plays in contemporary hit radio history in America. He has certainly crossed genre lines more than once, however his personal style tends to fall somewhere in the middle of Maroon 5 and U2. For fans of lyrical storytelling and dramatic guitar strings, get your first listen of Sam Martin's "Long Live The Billionaire" below: