EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Handsome Ghost Unveils Soul-Touching Alt-Electronic Track “Reckless Lover”


Photo: Cortney Armitage

Handsome Ghost's new alt-electronic single "Reckless Lover" captures the shimmering soundscape of a star-filled, lonely winter night, premiering on OTW today ahead of its official Dec. 15 release. An emotional reflection on the bittersweet act of replaying a relationship in one's mind, tinged by the pain of knowing it is necessary to let go in order to move on and grow, the dreamy synth-pop song is an excellent demonstration of the band's incredible talent and vulnerability.

Boston-native singer-songwriter Timothy Noyes and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eddie Byun make up the Handsome Ghost indie pop project. Together, they have been creating music since around 2015, with a certain depth of heart not always found in the electronic-based alternative world. "Reckless Lover" is only a taste of the new music soon to come on Handsome Ghost's debut full-length album Welcome Back, due out Jan. 26 via Photo Finish Records.

Frontman Timothy Noyes revealed his intensely personal connection to this latest single:

"Every song on our first record is about this one long, winding relationship of mine. My thought was that in order to fully close the book on something you have to first analyze every sentence, every beginning and ending, and so that’s what I did. 'Reckless Lover' is maybe the best example of that.

It’s a song that contrasts how much time has passed and how much everything has changed while focusing on one particular night, where it seems like everything is just as it was before. It put me a weird place when I was writing it, because you have to admit that you haven’t let anything go before you can actually try and put it behind you. That’s the goal behind this song and the record as a whole. Dive in, get it out there, and then move on, hopefully."

With all the emotional rawness of one of The 1975 or LANY's gentler, downtempo songs, "Reckless Lover" opens with a tender, soft-spoken intimacy that immediately draws listeners in with bated breath. Noyes sings: "'Honestly,' you said, 'I think we need a miracle' / Evening heat and you were tired of a love fit for a theme park ride / Motioning, hail a cab, head for the airport / Empty street, but I was never one for short endings or cheap goodbyes."

"Reckless Lover" is grounded from start to finish by Noyes' vivid, poignant lyricism, while its production revolves around alternately stark and lush electronic elements. Gradually building on top of the leading guitar line, synths and strings enter with a beautiful, soaring energy. All too easy for listeners to find themselves lost in a profoundly touching, trance-like momentum, "Reckless Lover" manages to freeze infinity for a moment.

Noyes emphasized Handsome Ghost's focus on the track's detailed production, and its relation to what fans can expect on the rest of their upcoming full-length album:

"I think sonically too, 'Reckless Lover' sets a tone for the record as a whole. We were very deliberate in the textures we added, the strings in particular. I wrote this one in my bedroom and, if we did it right, you can hear the intimacy with which the song was written within the arrangement."

Keeping in good company throughout their career so far, Handsome Ghost has toured with other talented acts like BØRNS, X Ambassadors, MisterWives, and The Mowgli's. Following the upcoming Welcome Back LP release, Handsome Ghost will hit the road again, joining flor on the come out. you're hiding. tour in Feb. 2018. Make sure to grab your tickets here to catch an unforgettable performance from both rising alt-pop bands.

Discover your perfect new soundtrack for late night drives down empty neighborhood roads this winter with your exclusive first listen below of Handsome Ghost's "Reckless Lover":