EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hollywood Principle Wish for What Could’ve Been In Dark Electro-R&B “If Only”


Out of San Diego, Hollywood Principle is a rising electronic trio formed by Elliott Sencan, Mike Ault, and Kayla Hope. Ones To Watch premieres the group’s seductive new pop and R&B-tinged single today, “If Only.” Lushly layered with rich electronic elements and captivating duet vocals from the trio’s singer Kayla Hope as well as LA-based artist AL3JANDRO, “If Only” sets the scene of past lovers spitefully showing off their new flames while truthfully wishing things hadn’t gone wrong with each other.

Opening the track, Hope sings with vengeance on her mind, “I’m here, I’m here with my man / Oh you couldn’t believe how he’s touching me / If only, if only you knew / The things that we do.” As the verses play back and forth between each vocalist’s characters, they sing in unison, “But I just can’t stop thinking ‘bout you,” before AL3JANDRO tells it like it is, “Look, you don’t want him / Know I’ve made mistakes but I can treat you better / …Look, we don’t need them / ‘cause you were meant for me.”

Working with Hollywood Principle as their vocal producer since the start, AL3JANDRO played a role in crafting the new song’s narrative direction. Hope explained his motivating advice that spurred the creation of “If Only,”

“He suggested telling a story that comes from two people, with opposite perspectives, and we ran with it. It’s about former lovers who bump into each other, and their reflections on what they had, and how things could have worked out differently.”

AL3JANDRO himself elaborated on the meaning behind the pulsing, moody track:

“Most of us want what we can’t have, and what we already have ends up getting taken for granted. Some people will do absolutely anything to get something, but don’t care to put even half of the work to keep something. The grass is greener where you water it.”

Since forming in 2013, Hollywood Principle have been busy keeping connected to the remix community and bridging their music with other media forms. Fans of the 2015 video game Rocket League may recognize the dark, driving electronic edge of the group. Several of their first batch of singles were featured in the game, including “Seeing What’s Next,” “Firework,” and the softer Ether Remix of “Breathing Underwater.” The following year, their collaboration with rapper Dr. Awkward on another single “Solar Eclipses” was chosen as the theme of the game’s new update, Starbase ARC.

Hollywood Principle have announced a debut EP Colors due out this December 2017, which will include “If Only” and their previous single “Trippin On You.”

Let the dark electro waves of Hollywood Principle envelope you in your exclusive first listen to “If Only” below: