EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Indie-Pop Rocker UPSAHL Pleads “Kiss Me Now” in Red Hot Video


Newcomer UPSAHL, the 18-year old indie-pop rocker hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, delivers her video for recent single, "Kiss Me Now" just in time for Valentine's Day. Strategically staged in red, white, and black, the video reflects the young at heart's desire for a first kiss. UPSAHL, herself, explains: 

"I wanted to incorporate the color red throughout, symbolizing lips/kissing/love, so everything you see in the video is either black, white, or red. The song has a very clear story line when it stands on it's own, so I wanted the visual component to serve as a contrast that elevates what's already there."

First kiss moments come and go quickly, so "Kiss Me Now" purposely highlights those vulnerable moments of impatience that new lovers often experience. Toying with the concept of a first date, USPAHL relives her own experience - and eventual idea behind the track: 

"[The song] is a modern take on a classic first date. Everything is going great, the chemistry is there, but the kiss just isn't happening. I remember going on a first date when I was in high school and thinking, ‘I'm not going to leave this date without kissing this guy.’ I'm a very determined and driven person, so once I get my mind set on something, I can't let it go. I feel like this song captures how I felt throughout the date, and probably how a lot of people feel when they first spend time with someone that they are into. Therefore, the main idea throughout the video is, 'I'm into this boy who still won't kiss me, so here's me showing him what he's missing out on.'" 

The video itself captures that idea of first dates by including "classic 'date' spots like the museum and drive-in to parallel the lyrics in the song, which also gave the video an old school vibe," said UPSAHL.

Born Taylor Upsahl, UPSAHL started playing both the guitar and piano at the early age of five years old. She later went on to attend the Arizona School for the Arts, a college prep high school where she recently graduated. Fresh out of high school and fresh onto the music scene, UPSAHL is already making it clear that she's ready to become one of this year's most valuable players. Her edgy, indie-rock vibe is effortless, yet tailored and she's clearly got a rhythm for writing tunes that spill to the modern age of young love.

"Kiss Me Now" opens with raw guitar riffs that transcend into heavy drums and bright background vocals to give a true grit edge. UPSAHL gives us the creation of the track:

"The song stems from a voice memo recording that I had on my phone, simply of the opening guitar line. I recorded it in my bathroom (good acoustics) a few days before the session. We actually used the exact phone recording as the guitar track that carries throughout the whole song, which gives the song a lo-fi vibe. This vibe created a pop/alternative/grunge-influenced record that I'm really excited about. It's definitely different from any other song I've released before, and I want to continue this trend as I release new music throughout the year. I'm young and constantly growing. Everyday I feel a different way, am into different things, or want to make a certain kind of music, so I want my sound to reflect this continuous growth. 'Kiss Me Now' embodies a sound that I want to continue developing."

This grunge-like track that UPSAHL has embodied gives us pure girl power vibes and we can't wait to see what else she's got in-store.

"When creating the treatment for the music video, I wanted the overall vibe to be really fun, sassy, and light-hearted. The chorus of this song is so dance-y and badass - I really wanted it to empower people, especially women, to speak their minds and not take life too seriously, especially when it comes to a shitty or even a decent first date. Similar to my recent music video, 'Can You Hear Me Now,' my goal for viewers watching is to make [them] want to dance, laugh, sing, be empowered, and to maybe even kiss the person they're into."

Get your exclusive first glimpse of UPSAHL's "Kiss Me Now" music video below: