EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE + INTERVIEW: Penthouse Penthouse x Bobby Saint - “Upload”

Photo:Carolyne DeBlois

There's a very fine line between classy bedroom music and raunchy baby making cuts–a line that some artists tend to cross in pursuit of attention and commercial success. 

LA-based production duo Penthouse Penthouse has managed to strike the right balance between provocative lyrics (courtesy of singer/songwriter Bobby Saint) and quality funk/R&B production. Following the massive success of their first, quite risk-ay single "69 Camaro," it's no surprise that these Preston James and Mike Parvizi (Penthouse Penthouse) and Bobby Saint can come together to pull off such a distinct style. 

Case in point: today's exclusive premiere of "Upload" from the Penthouse Penthouse x Bobby Saint Upload EP to be released tomorrow, June 28. Opening with a cinematic melody leading into Saint's smooth Motown-esque vocals, "Upload" is all about, in the creators' own words, "mutual attraction, no barriers, just pure freedom and being who you are and enjoying what you do." 

Now that you've gotten an enticing taste of what's to come on the full Upload EP, you can pre-order the record here–plus, read into the artists' backgrounds, collaborations, and their personal Ones To Watch lists below.

OTW: "Upload" is an interesting name for a song and the EP itself - can you tell us about the story behind this one?

Penthouse Penthouse: At the surface, the song “Upload” is about a sex tape. But really it's about sexual freedom and the idea of no terms, no preconceptions. It’s about being down, but beyond that, being down with class. Honestly, it’s some kinky shit, but its classy. It is what it is. The whole EP is very sexual, but it's not about objectifying people like a lot of radio music–it's about mutual attraction, no barriers, just pure freedom and being who you are and enjoying what you do. DO YOU.

OTW: Tell us a little bit about your crew, TeamSupreme. What is your role in it, and how has it influenced your music?

Penthouse Penthouse: TeamSupreme is a collective of producers we founded in 2012. Penthouse came out of Preston and myself (Mike) collaborating on a lot of the early TeamSupreme mixtape cuts and finding a new sound that was beyond anything we had made before. We don’t do mix tapes weekly anymore, but we still curate special tapes that are open to the public for submissions, and we’ve found a lot of really dope talent around the world through the thousands of submissions we’ve received over the years. We’ve also inspired a lot of crews out there that are doing similar things, including The Rabbit Hole Collective based out of Las Vegas, who just had us out for a show last month. Look out for those dudes, doing big things.


OTW: We've heard that you've collaborated with some big name artists - tell us more about that.

Penthouse Penthouse: Our closest friends and crew mates are probably some of the dopest artists we have worked with…Carmack, Great Dane, Djemba–we have been making music with these guys for years. Shout out to Steve Nalepa for being all of our mentor for the past 6-7 years. The first big opportunity we had to get out in front of large audiences was probably the Love Death Immortality tour, when The Glitch Mob asked us to support them nationally. Was such a great experience; we learned so much from them and from Ana Sia and still view those guys as our close friends and mentors.

OTW: Do either of you actually own a '69 Camaro (or have had an experience in one)?

Penthouse Penthouse (Mike): We rented one for the music video…it was actually a ‘67 BUT it was still lit. Bobby got to drive it around all day and look like a boss. Funny enough, neither he or I actually own a car. Preston has a Mini Cooper & our manager David has a white Honda Fit, but we’re hoping to all have cars one day soon.

OTW: Bobby - can you share a bit about your background and what has been your role in the creative process for this EP?

Bobby Saint: I was born out of the isle of Barbados and since moving to the states around 2010, I’ve been writing and producing for artists all over the world. For my own project, I had a short stint at Motown from 2011 to 2013 under my birth name Hal Linton. However, I parted ways with the label as I needed a break to collect my thoughts get centered. I kicked off last year with the Wolfgang Gartner single "Unholy" and have been racking up the features since. I’ve been building towards my own release, but for right now I’m hyped about the Upload EP release with Penthouse Penthouse. The project was really collaborative and super trippy at times with the way things fell into place so easily.

My main focus on this project was writing and performing the songs–just really dialing in the content since every track on this EP is a true song. I wanted to take people on a sensual trip. It’s all about letting freedom reign, having fun, and being classy. I wanted to have layers for the listener to come back and experience.

OTW: The EP comes out tomorrow! How are you guys feeling, and what do you expect/hope will be the reaction from your fans?

Penthouse Penthouse: The EP is one of the most of the most honest pieces of work we have put out to date, and it's a complete idea. It’s like a mini-movie starring Bobby Saint. The story floats through from song to song and the EP is meant to be listened to in its entirety. We’re hoping our fans appreciate the music laity of the songs…we know they will. We have the best fans in the world…they’re down to turn up with us during our DJ sets but also down with the different styles of music we have released over the years.


OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list & why?

Penthouse Penthouse: 1. Tsuruda - Dude is blowing up and has an EP dropping soon. One of the most original beat makers ever pushing the boundaries of music. Drawing influence from Madlib style dusty vinyl beats but also blended with club bangin' 808s.

2. Happy Doghouse - Probably our collective favorite band of all time. Look out for their next release on Secret Songs records–shout out to Ryan Hemsworth.

3. Marvel Alexander - Just put out his debut full length album featuring our production on the final track, “My Story.” Marvel’s album is so dope and has been years in the making; everybody deserves to listen to it and hear his story and his perspective because its so fresh, honest, and original.

OTW: Anything else you'd like to share with fans?

Penthouse Penthouse: Stop being petty; life is too short. Enjoy yourself. Be active in your communities, and love. This is what it truly means to be in the Penthouse.