EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Isla June Gives the Jazz Band New Life with “Shiny Things”


Funky, with a psychedelic twang, interwoven with jazzy tendencies and a full live band experience, Isla June is the creation of Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Jenna Maranga. Beginning as a solo act in 2015, Jenna evolved Isla June from its acoustic folk fairytale into a broader landscape of rotating musicians to instead create a project full of loose airwaves, root-rock capabilities, and deep-pitted grooves. 

Using the instrumentation as an emotional guide, Isla June tells a unique story through each song. Her newest release, “Shiny Things,” premiering with Ones To Watch before its official March 20 debut, does just that. Intentional, yet under the radar, “Shiny Things” was an active cry for a lover to see more of her than a bright and shiny new object. Jenna shared more context,

“I think most women will know what it feels like to be that shiny new object in someone else’s life, unsure if you’re there just as [a] warm body or something more. So for anyone who’s been there, especially women, know that it’s okay to ask for what you want and accept nothing less than what you deserve. Fun fact, I wrote these lyrics while in that position (literally in their bed as they were asleep next to me), and then finished writing the song WITH the person it was about. Ha! My not-so-subtle way of standing up for myself.”

Full and lively, “Shiny Things” gives us all the greatness of a live show experience without all the hassle. Funky guitar picking, brassy jazz influences, and bold drum beats collide with Jenna Maranga’s sweet vocals to create a bright and shiny piece. We certainly look forward to hearing more from this new jam band. 

Stream your first listen of Isla June’s “Shiny Things” below: