EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Isla June Transforms Uncertainty to Raw Beauty in “Close Call”


At times, moments of uncertainty can produce the most certain works of art. Los Angeles-based alternative rock outfit Isla June achieves this very feat of channeling a moment of ambiguity into a moment of concrete, understated beauty in "Close Call."

"Close Call" opens with lead singer Jenna Maranga's hauntingly mesmerizing vocals that immediately demand one's attention. The focus on Maranga's compelling vocal stylings leaves one with the feeling that everything else present from the surrounding world has been extinguished. From the very opening, it is clear that Isla June is a band that knows how to intelligently play with subtlety, employing an impressive amount of restraint, vocally and instrumentally, to evoke a profound sense of sincere and raw emotion. Jenna Maranga shared with us the emotional background behind the inception of "Close Call,"

"I wrote this in a situation most of us have found ourselves before–dangling from the cliff that is the precipice of an almost relationship. That might be…could be…is so close to being something very real or nothing at all."

The sentiment behind "Close Call" reverberates out loud and clear throughout its entirety, pulsating between pleading and yearning vocal ballads, downtempo indie instrumentals, and dark, fuzzy blues-influenced rock. Truly, the vocal and instrumental prowess present behind Isla June, and the resounding judgment with which they employ it, makes it beyond surprising that this is a band just starting out.

 Listen to the exclusive stream of "Close Call" below, ahead of its official release on all other streaming platforms tomorrow, June 15.