EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: James Supercave Fearlessly Explore Newfound Territory in “Something To Lose”


Photo: Anastasia Velicescu

Rarely does a song come along that from its very inception triggers an unmatched feeling of excitement - a sense of exhilaration caused not only by a brilliant beginning but the promise of something truly breathtaking. James Supercave has crafted one of those very rare songs with "Something To Lose," an explorative track that mesmerizes from the outset and continues to deliver in spades throughout its entirety.

In the matter of a few short years, Supercave has solidified themselves as a staple of the Los Angeles indie music scene with their infectious blend of psych-pop and indie rock. And it is for this reason that "Something To Lose," comes as such a pleasant surprise. It's a signaled deviation from the band's trademark sound, opting for beautifully textured and evolving electronica-leaning production. And, by all accounts, it's a welcomed and much-applauded departure.


Photo: Alex Souetre

"Something To Lose" is one of the finest songs I have heard this year and am likely to hear through the remainder of 2018, and I do not make this statement lightly. Everything Supercave has cultivated here is worthy of rapturous fanfare. From the production, which is such a feat in and of itself that it could confidently stand on its own as a praise-worthy track, to singer Joaquin Pastor's hypnotizing and enveloping vocals that elevate the consistently impressive feats of production, "Something To Lose" is all around undeniably superb. As for how James Supercave came to find themselves at this noted departure, Pastor was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"I’ve always liked making beats. Last year, there was a period where I wasn’t writing songs at all, just cooking up beats and trying to get the sonics to knock. This is one of the first songs born out of that process. I made sure there was a song there before starting to record but the production of it was the most enjoyable part. Keeping things simple musically allows for more adventurous production and that’s what I wanted."

Whether this proves to be a permanent departure or a novel bout of experimentation for the band, the fact remains that "Something To Lose" is a fearless venture into newfound territory that leaves James Supercave with a meditative, dance-inducing hit. 

Take your first listen to "Something To Lose" below: