EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Jessica Childress Hopes To Mend What’s “Broken” In Soulful Single


Photo Credit: Alex Elena

Conjuring up the soul of R&B's past, Jessica Childress presents her newest single, "Broken." Reminiscent of the golden age of classic soul, "Broken" is a track that tells a definitive narrative with the hope for a happy ending. Premiering the single with Ones To Watch first, readers get an early listen before the single officially releases on Jan. 19.

With an enormous voice and sharp posture, Jessica Childress has created a piece that transcends time. In between the lines there's a message to reshape a relationship. "Broken" is a call to mend what was broken, not just apologize for it. Jessica details this idea,

"'Broken' is a song about relationships in their most raw space. I find I’m the most creative when there’s conflict. So the songs I write during those periods are so transparent and from such a raw place. Relationships aren’t just the ups and downs - it’s so much more the space in the middle. The times when you’re fixing the cracks and improving the relationship, some of the most beautiful moments."

"Broken" is fearless and confident in its approach to lyricism. It's laid-back, yet fervent. Jessica's voice burns with passion as we hang on to every word. Behind the lyrics there's an undeniable credence to the fact that her lover needs to do more to win her heart back. Its heartfelt and meaningful lyrics enhance the track to create a timeless and rich experience for listeners.

Designed to pin the focus on Jessica's rhythmic voice, the production is blissful and eloquent. Sophisticated piano graces the intro and bridges, while vibe-y beats bounce on the chorus. It's a track to groove to; it's a track to sing your heart out to.  

Debuting her musical talent nationally on season 4 of NBC's The Voice, Jessica Childress has been busy making waves in the industry ever since. Following, she released a self-written and self-produced EP entitled, Don't Forget My Name and has supported national acts like Gavin DeGraw, Patti Labelle, and the late Charles Bradley. Her music has crossed retail lines and has been known to play in major stores like Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret PINK. In December, Childress blew everyone away at our All Eyes On showcase - stay tuned for that video coming soon!

Sit back and let Jessica Childress' smooth vocals warm you with your exclusive first listen of "Broken:"