EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Joe Fox- “What’s The Word” Live Acoustic Video


"I'm inside just countin' blues, hidin' from the TV news." It's an all too common sentiment, tastefully conveyed by London up & comer Joe Fox in "What's The Word." Nearly one year after the original acoustic piece was released as part of Fox's Acoustic Alley Sessions, we are presented with a compelling visual accompaniment as Fox performs a live rendition through the streets of London. 

With just a guitar in hand, we follow along as Joe Fox delivers a raw performance of the candidly political song, showcasing his unique ability to manifest utter power with raw subtlety. As he boldly compares current day politicians to "stage magicians," we can't help but become fans of Fox's soulful voice and zealous message. He shared,

“‘Whats The Word’ is me trying to capture what’s happening in the world from my own perspective. This version is recorded around London.”

Fox's "own perspective" becomes even more captivating when we discover his back story. Just a few years ago, he was a busker on the streets of London, singing and selling homemade CDs in hopes of saving up enough money for rent. All of that changed when a certain stranger approached him and asked him to play something. Unbeknownst to him, that stranger was A$AP Rocky. They were instantly connected through their mutual genuine passion for music, and that connection eventually led to Fox landing features in Complex, i-D, GQ, and more, as well as record deal with Blue Flowers/Island Records. If that doesn't revive  your faith in the music industry, we're not sure what will.

Your first look at Joe Fox's live acoustic of "What's The Word" is below, and you can keep up with all news Joe Fox here