EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: JSPH Channels R&B Greats In “Bitter Lemonade (feat. GrandAce)”


If you enjoy the soulful, progressive R&B of artists like Gallant, R.LUM.R, and Daniel Caesar, then JSPH may just become your next obsession. We are humbled to introduce his latest single, "Bitter Lemonade," which depicts just what the title might suggest: the unfortunate phenomenon of a sweet relationship gone sour. 

Opening with a dreamy synth sequence that leads to an explosive intro verse, we're already engulfed in JSPH's irritations with an overly "emotional" and "unapproachable" significant other. He provided more context,

"While working on this song I was initially processing how to deal with a sudden shift in a relationship. I thought about when things change and it seems like energies are pulling in opposite directions. Sometimes guys will try to play things cool even in the midst of things breaking down, which is reflected in the playful vibe and sometimes sarcastic tones even during serious conversations."

Upon multiple listens, though, it becomes clear that "Bitter Lemonade" has several thematic layers. As JSPH shared,

"After listening through and actually sitting with what was created, I eventually realized I was subconsciously releasing my anxieties, not only with a personal relationship but also with the current political climate.  Frustrations from constantly being reminded that there are many groups of people who have a fair expectation of certain freedoms and choices that are nicely described to us in theory yet in reality aren't as simple and smooth as portrayed."

With such a captivating style, it's no surprise that JSPH has reached over one million combined streams, and even more impressive: he's done it completely independently. Recruiting DJ Corbett for production and GrandAce's rhymes, "Bitter Lemonade" is set to charge JSPH's steadily upward trajectory. He added,

"Also in terms of artistry (thanks to people like Chance and others), there’s more of an awareness of the possibilities of being successful independently without losing creative control, having to be this or that. And the next generation is really embracing that.

I knew it was a fun song, but it definitely spoke to me on a multifaceted level, which is what I love about music…it can reach different people in different ways connecting us in the process."

Your first listen of "Bitter Lemonade" is below: