EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: JT Roach Crafts an Ode To Moving On In Electronic-Pop Track, “Wasted Roses”


A surprisingly brilliant departure from the acoustic singer-songwriter style we've come to know and love from JT Roach, Ones To Watch is enthused to premiere "Wasted Roses," an unexpected pop collaboration with his friend and electronic producer, Stephen, that will get you up and dancing as you finally delete all those old texts from your ex.

An captivatingly catchy blend of the modern alt-electronic stylings embraced by pop heavy-hitters today (think new "cool" vibes from ZAYN, Nick Jonas, or Justin Bieber), JT Roach impresses once again with his latest, bold track. Proving his ability to craft diverse songs all equally impressive quality, "Wasted Roses" is almost a statement piece, cautioning fans from too quickly boxing the artist into any one genre.

"I wasted roses on ya / that should be in the dirt. / I wasted roses on ya / I hope you watch them burn / There's poison in your touch / Give someone else your love," are the resentful lines that ring out in each chorus. Full of enlightened regret, "Wasted Roses" draws on the bitter feelings of fruitless time and effort spent on a someone who in retrospect was clearly never worth it. All too relatable for anyone who has experienced the sting of raw emotional wounds after a breakup, JT Roach expresses that indignance perfectly in his new anthem to much-needed good-byes.

Unafraid to get personal, JT shared the feelings that spurred him to let it all out on the new track:

"'Wasted Roses' was written about feelings of anger after a relationship falls apart, and feeling like you wasted your time on someone who betrayed your trust. I don't deal with anger very well, so I'm glad that the feeling can live in this song so it doesn't have to live inside of me. I had a minimal version of this song produced and played it in the living room of the house I lived in with Stephen. He heard it from his studio in the basement and came up to listen because he loved the groove so much. I gave him the stems and he disappeared with it for a bit, and when he played his version for me, I knew it was going to be a special one. On top of being a close friend, Stephen is one of my favorite artists ever, so I couldn't be more stoked to have a song coming out with him."

Growing up surrounded by a music-loving family in Madison, Wisconsin, JT Roach has already led an incredible songwriting career ever since moving to LA from Chicago, notably penning songs for artists including Jason Derulo, Krewella, Jake Miller, and Emily Warren. As part of his current project stepping into the spotlight as a recording artist himself, JT has self-released only two singles so far. Debut single "Tipsy Love" was highlighted in OTW's #NowWatching Playlist this fall and "Bloom" dropped soon after.

Performing an intimate, debut live show at Hotel Cafe tonight, Nov. 2, JT will play never-before-heard songs from his forthcoming EP, Witches Lake, due out Nov. 17. If "Wasted Roses" is any hint as to the variety of musical styles the rising artist might explore alongside his already-proven acoustic sweet spot, JT Roach's debut EP will certainly be among the best projects to drop before the year's end.

Let JT Roach be your companion on the road to breakup-recovery with your exclusive first listen to "Wasted Roses" below: