EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: kyd the band Debut Their ‘90s-Inspired Sound With “American Dreamer”


The first time we heard the name, kyd the band, was when the brother duo was recruited as openers for rap artist NF's Therapy Sessions Tour presented by Ones To Watch. The second time they popped onto our radar was when they performed at our Saja Sessions artist showcase earlier this month–and while the seemingly green duo had minimal practice and zero official releases, we were completely blown away by their palpable display of innate talent, potential for growth, and most importantly, confident grip on their unique musical style.

Now that we've become honorary members of the kyd the band fan club, it only made sense for us to present their very first official release, "American Dreamer." The pop-tinged alternative track is a fitting debut for kyd the band, introducing the band's nostalgic, yet still innovative, '90s-inspired essence. Devin Guisande's unique vocal stylings shine bright, reminiscent of alt legends CAKE and The Killers, as Kyle's guitar-driven melodies keep us engrossed from start to finish. 

The brothers shared the very personal inspiration behind "American Dream"'s lyrics,

"When we were 15 and 16 respectively, we watched our parents lose everything from our house to our car to our furniture. We actually remember watching a bank rep walk up to our front door and tape a foreclosure notice on it. This instant inspired by the line, ‘I think I wanna buy you a house, and if the bank man comes to steal it away, I hope you stay.' In a session in Los Angeles last year, we worked with Glashaus (also brothers) as well as a writer named Kwesi to come up with the musical idea behind the lyric.“

Born the sons of a preacher in Northern California, kyd the band currently resides in Nashville, TN, where they are actively refining their sound as well as working on major writing and producing projects for other artists–the most notable being a comeback Bone Thugs N' Harmony album. 

Catch your first listen of kyd the band's debut track, "American Dreamer," below.

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