EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Listen to “SOUP”, The Dynamic Debut EP From Swsh

We first covered Swsh back in October of 2017 when we heard her song "Flowers", and we've been paying close attention to her since. Today, we are lucky enough to have an exclusive premiere of SOUP, the debut EP from the LA-based singer, rapper, and musician. Out tomorrow via Stem, SOUP is a four-track showcase of Swsh's unique voice and knack for songwriting. She effortlessly shifts between crooning, rapping, and leaving space for the instrumentation on the songs to breathe. As far as the subject matter on the project, Swsh says:

SOUP is weird because I’ve never written so many songs centered around my feelings for other people. Most of the songs I wrote and put out in the past were kind of cynical and like ‘I’m too grown for this’ but I feel like soup is me just dropping the act and processing feelings I don’t like to admit. Which is dope!

J.KELR (of Blended Babies) handled all the production on SOUP and it allowed him and Swsh to really develop a musical synergy that blends 90s R&B sensibilities with more upbeat and modern sounds. But enough from us, you should just listen to it for yourself. Stream the exclusive premiere of SOUP below.