EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Love Has Aaron Taos “Twisted” on Edgy New Alt-Rock Track


Brooklyn-based indie artist Aaron Taos drops "Twisted" today, a thoroughly modern and gritty rock take on the thrill of infatuation. Taking us on a perfectly guitar-heavy musical journey through the first sparks of love, or perhaps lust, his new track is lyrically clever and sonically packs a punch, leaving us with no choice but to keep the irresistibly vibey tune on repeat.

Aaron's straight-to-the-point and astute lyricism is rich with vivid imagery and relatable youthful experiences (like a kid discovering his "dad's alcohol cabinet"). Lines like, "You chew me up and you spit me out / like some gum or tobacco," are delivered at times in syncopated rhythmic patterns to spice things up. Other times, like when he sings, "You're so hot 'til you have enough / then you're cold like an Eskimo," Aaron's wry humor is revealed, but without distracting from the intense, driving mood of the song.

The singer-songwriter expressed his desire to capture that feeling of captivation when you find yourself undeniably attracted to someone:

“'Twisted' is about how stupid we can get when we’re interested in someone. It’s not a revolutionary concept, but it’s the idea of feeling high when you’re in the presence of that person and not being able to think clearly/act normally - i.e. bumbling, rambling, tripping, and fumbling when you see them and getting that young-love head rush.”

Comfortably blending genres throughout the course of his previous single releases, this time "Twisted" expertly navigates the realms of indie rock and dark electronic pop. Looped guitar riffs, powerful drums, and a thumping bassline carry the track with a never-ending momentum. Layered overall with a subtle, shadowy darkness, its quality production lands "Twisted" in the same vein as The Neighbourhood or Arctic Monkeys, employing the same kinds of distorted vocal effects and grungy, alt-indie rock vibes that bring an enticing, mature level of intrigue to the song.

Riding the wave of his string of very well-received 2017 singles like "Alone" and "Not Over Yet," Aaron is expected to drop a new EP soon, set to release in early 2018.

Get hooked on Aaron Taos with your exclusive first listen of "Twisted" below: