EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Love & Lust Collide in VHS Collection’s Summer Anthem “Animal”


NYC trio VHS Collection is in the business of producing dance rock that is downright intoxicating with its synthesis of electronic, pop, and '80s new wave influences. Sonically cut from the same colorful cloth as retro-laden artists The Killers, M83, and St. Lucia, and having reached bountiful success since their formation just a few years ago, the three-piece act is riding high as they prepare to unleash their debut LP later this summer.

VHS Collection's latest single, "Animal," is your next anthem. It's a song begging to be played as loudly as possible, while you cruise through the summer nights untroubled and full of enthusiasm. Filled with urgency, fuzzed-out synthesizers, infectious hooks, and galvanizing vocals, "Animal" surges, elevates, and brings a rush of much-needed adrenaline for this unforgettable time of the year. 

The song persuasively draws its listeners closer by lyrically examining the juxtaposition of love and lust, coming to the decisive realization that love is indeed the more powerful compulsion between the two. "Animal" comes on the heels of the band's earlier 2018 single, "One," a delicious blend of gritty electro-pop and vintage synth-rock that captures the themes of escaping from a despairing youth and starting new again.  


The band was kind enough to expand on the underlying meaning of "Animal,"

"'Animal' is about the simple and instinctive desire for another being. People often try to over-rationalize and complicate relationships in the modern world, which is usually when they get messed up. This song celebrates our core animalistic instincts, which are best when the human brain is turned off."

Take your first listen to "Animal" below:

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