EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Luna Shadows Captures a Blooming Moment In “Tokyo”

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Most of us may observe evolution as the perceived difference between a said "before" and "after," but that was not enough for Luna Shadows. As a true artist who digs beneath the surface level, the L.A. virtuoso chose instead to capture that very indescribable, immeasurable instance in which change is actually taking place in her latest, "Tokyo."

Opening with shimmering synths that set the scene for a mystical, ever-so subtle oriental setting, and the all-knowing line, "Good things come to those who wait," Luna Shadows establishes her blooming narrative. The track proceeds with a powerful combination of ethereal imagery describing the transitional moment at hand, and first-hand emotions to match. Luna Shadows provided a very insightful explanation of her inspiration for the song,

“When we hope for things, we imagine the happiness we might feel if we receive them. In reality, however, even the most blissful changes are often accompanied by a degree of melancholy. In art, especially music, we regularly see a definitive before and after–a seed & a flower, a caterpillar & a butterfly– but rarely is the actual moment of change depicted. 'Tokyo' is intended to be like a musical time lapse or the sonic equivalent of a developing photo, detailing a precise moment where something unfolded in front of me.”

It's no surprise that Luna Shadows' music resinates very deeply in her own life, as she is the multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer, and producer for her own creations. Her music is widely known for its polished, electronic-tinged pop surface, but true fans find a connection with its often melancholy thematic undertones.

Expect more new music and live performances from Luna this year, but in the meantime, your first listen of "Tokyo" is below:

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