EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Mackeson Unveils Melancholic Pop Stunner, “Blame It On Me”

With the political turmoil currently plaguing our country, LA-based Mackeson claims to be "living in ecstasy, while the world is falling apart." With wavy synths and heart-stopping beats, Mackeson's newest single, "Blame It On Me," is a beautifully composed track that's got a chill vibe and a melancholic-pop attitude. Premiering here first, ahead of its Jan. 19 release, "Blame It On Me" features a spectacular range of instrumentation. From its sultry piano notes, brooding beats, soulful vocals, and moody violin ballads, this track exudes real, raw emotion.

Portland-born singer, songwriter, and producer Mackeson take handfuls from an eclectic range of genres to assemble his own signature wave. In 2015, after taking his first steps to releasing music independently, his SoundCloud links spread like wildfire. From friends, to friends, to friends, those nine tracks made their way into some pretty powerful hands. Scoring what he thought was a major record deal unfortunately transported him back to square one. Finding himself alone in his pursuit, he didn't give up, instead learning every instrument to create a successful new sound. Taking inspiration from key players in music, Mackeson crafted a cinematic pop-soul style and is now taking things full-frontal.

"Blame It On Me" is unapologetic and soul-baring. It's like a conversation you have with yourself - the words too difficult to tell that haunt you from the inside: "Truth be told I never really wanted you / Now there ain't no question why we fell apart / Every day I was breaking your heart / All we ever had, blame it on me." Mackeson gives us his meaning behind the making of "Blame It On Me,"

"Sometimes things don’t go as planned & when that happens, you’ve got to own it no matter how brutal the truth may be. A lovers lament. Blame it on me."

With vocal harmonies reminiscent of early MGMT, it's a track that doesn't give way to pattern. Defying boundaries, and setting new standards, Mackeson is paving the way for what's to come in music. Now signed to Atlantic Records, his creative process is shining through. "Blame It On Me" is a track with a dynamic and timeless power. Imagine riding through a warm, summer night with this song playing - it's inevitably going to be rocking on repeat all night long.

For fans of HONNE, Portugal the Man, and Miike Snow, grab your first listen of Mackeson's newest single, "Blame It On Me" below: