EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Matt DiMona's "Old School Turntables" Is Your New Netflix & Chill


It's always refreshing to witness an artist's transcendence from the signature sound that he/she has grown akin to and into a brand new, yet equally enticing sonic realm. That is precisely the case with Los Angeles singer, producer, & singer Matt DiMona's latest, "Old School Turntables." 

Over the last couple years, DiMona has established a solid reputation for feel good house music, complete with synth experimentation, future bass-infused beats, and the occasional guest vocalist. "Old School Turntables" sees the young artist taking a complete 180 degree turn, accentuating classic hip hop-centric beats, a groovy guitar rhythm, and allowing his smooth croons to take a more dominant role.

Matt DiMona shared more on the creation of the J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest-inspired track,

"I wrote this song about spending hazy nights with my girlfriend, hanging out and listening to music together. I was heavily influenced by old school hip-hop at the time; songs like J Dilla's 'So Far To Go' and A Tribe Called Quest's 'Can I Kick It?' inspired the beat, lyrics and feeling. I sent an unfinished version to Max Rice, a childhood friend of mine from New York who introduced me to Dilla ages ago. Max helped me out by playing a little guitar on the track, bringing things full circle and leading me to the harmonic vocal ending of the song. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and that I had a chance to make music with one of my oldest and best friends."

So throw on "Old School Turntables" next time you're with that special someone, and remember to cherish the simple pleasure of listening to a beautiful song. 


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