EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: MIDDLESPOON Creates Pop with Purpose in “HouseWife”


“Pop with purpose” is electro-pop duo MIDDLESPOON’s mission. While their sound is unapologetically upbeat and positive, important social issues are embedded within their music. For example, the name in itself defies social norms and gender roles, suggesting that there is neutral ground and personas that don’t have to be attributed to a particular side. MIDDLESPOON’s new single, “HouseWife,” plays to this identity by highlighting misogyny through satire.

“A good wife knows her place,” sings vocalist Alexander Beats in “HouseWife.” This line is purely satirical though and is sung amidst a myriad of other gender stereotypes. This heavy content is offset by Beats’ airy vocals, an upbeat electric guitar, and a bright keyboard. The tactic of juxtaposition and irony eventually leads into the bridge in which Beats sings, “You don’t have to be anything for me or anything for this society/Baby, you can be anything you please/The master of your own reality.” This line is incredibly powerful in finally saying in plain terms that women are individuals who are more than antiquated stereotypes that are nevertheless not obsolete. It’s incredibly apparent that MIDDLESPOON is dedicated to the cause, revealing, “‘HouseWife’ shines a light on the patriarchal bullshit that dominates the pop and hip-hop radio waves and suggests that we do away with the same tired old stereotypes.”

MIDDLESPOON hails from Austin, Texas and is comprised of vocalist Alexander Beats and producer Jinx McGee. The combination of Beats’ smooth, soulful voice and McGee’s hip-hop and house-infused production results in an infectious blend that is stirring in its own right. If it’s any indicator of future success, their first single, “LightningBug,” has already garnered one million streams on SoundCloud since its September release.

“HouseWife” is the title single off MIDDLESPOON’s debut album, due to be released in February 2018. The album further explores themes like feminism and LGBTQ+ rights while maintaining an uplifting mood. We can expect the album to therefore be thoughtfully provoking while still masterfully crafted as a pop record. We can only expect love and positivity to spread from their upcoming music.

Stream “HouseWife” below: