EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: M.I.L.K. Delivers Creamy New Track, “Slow Emotions”

Danish Producer Emil Wilk (M.I.L.K.) is back to share his first track since the 2017 release of his debut EP, A Memory of a Memory of a Postcard, and it does not disappoint. Just in time for toasty spring afternoons, "Slow Emotions" is a smooth R&B-fueled electronic-meets-pop tune intended for good vibes only. 

The chilled out vocals contribute to the overall effortless feel of the track, but idiosyncratic musical elements sprinkled throughout give "Slow Emotions" an intrigue that prompts the replay button every time. To start, a recurring sound that could be anything from a horn sample, to a manipulated vocal chop to a vibed out goose honk adds a unique component and appears as a theme throughout the song. Underneath it all, metallic drums, island-y synths and playful transitions come together for a delightfully sweet base.

M.I.L.K. has been compared to the likes of Jungle, Leisure, and Empire of the Sun, but he brings his own distinct flavor to tracks. His love for experimentation and fresh perspective on electronic pop music gives life to smooth tracks with musical whimsy that make for an addicting sound.

While "Slow Emotions" paints pictures of skirts swishing in a social setting, the lyrics have a surprisingly political double meaning that goes beyond the face value of the lyrics. M.I.L.K. shared,

"The idea was to write a two-sided song that can be heard both as a summer-love-song about a dancefloor flirt that is evolving as the summer gets warmer, but can also be heard as sort of a political song with a subtle suggestion to wake up from our collective emotional numbness towards the changing environment." 

There you have it folks, a new song to add to your chill/dance pop playlists and a progressive statement about waking up from the desensitization regarding our crumbling environment – all wrapped up in one. 

Keep an eye out for M.I.L.K. and pick up your copy of "Slow Emotions" upon its release tomorrow, Feb. 23.