EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Mothica Delivers an Eclectic & Chilling Visual for “Lovetalk”


Photo Credit: Lissy Laricchia

Fifteen seconds into "Lovetalk" by Mothica and the chills are overwhelming. Immediately mysterious, the production on "Lovetalk" has an alluring effect that causes the goosebumps on your neck to gently trail down your entire body. "Lovetalk" is a beautifully-composed piece with intricate layers. From the moody piano mantras, ghostly vocals, and stormy drum beats intertwined with delicate and depth-giving violin and cello ballads, Mothica asserts herself as an artist with an impressive knack for maintaining a mature and polished sound. 

The direction of the video is quite eclectic - think Lars and the Real Girl. Mothica is pictured lying on a bold, black and white chevron printed bedspread atop a circular shaped bed in a room that's been decked out with contrasting archeological findings - similar to something you'd find in a history museum or old-time study. All the while, she's talking into a lip-shaped phone pleading with her lover, "If your love could talk, what would it say?" She later sits with a male mannequin to furthermore embellish the idea that her lover is being standoffish with his feelings toward her. 

Utilizing her own abilities to combine both a personal history and the short-term modern romancing of today, Mothica shared, 

"This is the first music video I've created for my solo music. We filmed it back in my hometown of Oklahoma City, where I was in charge of my own makeup, styling, and hair. The concept of the video was me getting ready for a date with a guy that was so lacking in-depth, he was almost like a mannequin. The song was about a very long relationship of mine, but I thought showing an unsuccessful date would demonstrate the crappy love story this song revolves around. I wanted to show the duality of both a guy and a mannequin interchanging, which you might not notice on the first watch because the actor was so good at being still! At the end of the video, he finally looks up to notice I'm gone because I won't stick around in a one-sided relationship. It's funny because Tyler, the actor in the video, was using my phone to swipe through my personal Tinder during the shoot and afterwards, I had some very bizarre matches.“

Brooklyn-born Mothica was inspired by Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages" in the creation of "Lovetalk" - the first single from her third upcoming EP. While expanding upon romantic miscommunication in its lyricism, "Lovetalk" was very much so inspired by the cinema. With live instrumentation and a James Bond-esque production, "Lovetalk" is a deep running narrative. 

Get your first glimpse at Mothica's chilling visual for "Lovetalk" below:

You can catch Mothica on her first, ever tour beginning in April as she hits ten stops across the Midwest. Get your tickets here