EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Finalist, Paxton Ingram Gets “D.I.R.T.Y.” on Club-Worthy Release


Photo Credit: @aarondsmallsphoto for Gen Facio Magazine 

Coming down to earth after an all-judge standing ovation on NBC's The Voice, Paxton Ingram sought out a sense of freedom amidst the suppressing withdrawals of his let-go from the show. The powerhouse elements of Ingram's performances, however, play out even more charismatically as he settles into his newfound artistry on his latest track, "D.I.R.T.Y." 

Turning to songwriting, Ingram's return home to Florida after The Voice didn't last long. Instead of settling back into everyday life, Ingram opted for the life of an artist, jetting back off to LA to record. 

His latest release, "D.I.R.T.Y.," is a collaborative mashup of pop, R&B, and electronic elements. A pop-sensation in the making, Paxton Ingram draws close comparisons to the likes of Jason Derulo and Jay Sean. "D.I.R.T.Y."'s  rhythmic lyricism and corresponding dance backdrop make this track ultra club-worthy. Of the track's creation, Ingram gives, 

"I'm especially excited about 'Dirty' because it's such an obvious smash when you hear it for the first time. Writing this record was so easy, effortless and such a fun experience. Me and my friend J Bach (who I co-wrote it with) finished the song in under an hour. We brought it in to Ben Maxwell and CROW and they took it to the next level. From that moment I knew that 'Dirty' was going to be the song to shape my sound as an artist. I love how big and explosive it is and how the melodies are so easy and sticky, and the vocal production is so ethereal. 'Dirty' lives in such a cool space sonically, I'm freaking hype to have this song out in the world and I hope it connects to people."

Get hyped with your first listen of Paxton Ingram's newest track, "D.I.R.T.Y." below: