EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: New “Urban Folk” Artist Forest Blakk Will Provoke Tears With Debut Track, “Love Me”


There are very few instances in which we will agree to premiere an artist's very first release. As a platform that champions emerging artists, a certain amount of buzz and clout generated by previous releases is required to be considered "up and coming." However, there exists that rare, sublime moment when a song grabs you and refuses to let go, and whether the artist has 10 or 10 million followers, the emotion that he/she transmits is truly all that matters. That's precisely what happened when we were presented with Forest Blakk's debut single, "Love Me." Not only does his poignant conveyance of lost love bring us to audible tears, but the story behind Forest Blakk's emergence into the music scene is enough to inspire anyone run for president of his fan club. 

"Love Me" is one of those songs that can be enjoyed by the toughest music critics and those who only listen to top 40 radio alike. Forest Blakk invites us into one of his most personal experiences as he contemplates the inevitable disintegration of a deep-rooted romantic relationship. The acoustic guitar-driven instrumentation allows for his heart-rending lyricism and magnetic vocals to take center stage, setting a precedent for a sound that he's coined "urban folk." 

Forest Blakk shared with us, 

“'Love Me' is personal, it is real. It is sitting in my car while holding my phone in one hand and her heart in the other all while trying my best not to let both of our worlds fall apart. It was the minute she asked me to either love her or let her go, and having to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. I let her go even though I loved her, because I knew her heart was never really mine to hold.”

Blakk is a Canadian singer-songwriter who whose story is a serious testament to what can happen when innate talent and personal resilience come together. When he was 13, his father went to prison and his mother became abusive, leading Blakk to two years of homelessness and an eventual safe haven at his grandmother's. During his teenage years, he became involved in the wrong crowds and fell in love for the first time, only to be left heartbroken and suicidal. As he continued to seek solace by performing at open mic nights and various local shows, he eventually pulled himself up from rock bottom with a physical and mental transformation that led to the birth of what we know now as Forest Blakk. 

Music literally saved Forest Blakk's life, and it all comes full circle as his music has the ability to save others as well. Catch him at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles on Oct. 18–tickets here.

Your first listen of "Love Me" is below: