EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Newcomer Zachariah Addresses Romantic Despair In “Hurtin”


Photo: Angelo Kritikos

Fresh as can be on the indie electronic scene, the enigmatic Zachariah is premiering his dark new second single "Hurtin" exclusively with Ones To Watch. An exciting fresh face, we're here to share everything we know so far about the electro R&B artist.

His debut release, "Tears," was unveiled in March 2017 and garnered over 12,000 plays on Soundcloud. With that, Zachariah began to carve his entrance into pop-leaning electronic realm, and "Hurtin" is the first single to be released in advance of an early 2018 release debut EP release.

A vocalist, musician, and songwriter, new fans will be won over by the skill with which Zachariah is crafting his signature atmospheric, dark pop sound. With a deep voice that easily floats into his upper register, Zachariah's laidback, mysterious ambiance in "Hurtin" immediately calls to mind modern seductive electronic R&B phenomenons like ZAYN and Troye Sivan.

Crooning to his lover over a pulsing bass line, "Why are you hurtin' babe? / I love you too much / but my love's not enough," Zachariah sings about a perilous relationship where neither person can seem to satisfy the other. Opening the track, he insists, "You had me begging for water / like a flower left to wilt. / I was the victim mistaken for villain…"

Explaining the motivating storyline behind "Hurtin," Zachariah shared,

"The concept for 'Hurtin' came from an experience I had a while ago - I was young and dumb, and gave everything I had to someone. He took what he needed and never talked to me again, and in the process drained me of everything. I remember being in the studio with the producer (David Burris) and the words ‘drain me like a river, I can make it better’ kind of spilled out of my mouth, and that same desperation I had closed the door on years ago came flooding back."

Inspired by the likes of Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, and Chet Baker, Zachariah delved into writing his haunting, melancholic songs ever since he came out as gay as a teenager. An NYC/LA native, the young artist has plenty of creative energy to draw from and time to develop his fresh career. We eagerly await more moody, shadowy tracks from Zachariah's upcoming EP.