EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nicky Blitz’ Sun-Soaked Jam Is Nothing But a “Good Time”


Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

It seems summer has arrived early this year, or at least that is the feeling one gets when listening to "Good Time," the latest sun-soaked stunner from Nicky Blitz. The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer first began making beats as a teenager and has since gone on to pen hits for the likes of G-Eazy, Icona Pop, and Miley Cyrus. Now, stepping into his own, Blitz is poised to make a name for himself with his distinctive genre-meshing style.

It is hard to imagine "Good Time" existing at any other point in history. The highly-infectious single radiates with the joyous sun-soaked aesthetics of The Beach Boys, contains the fined-tuned pop sensibilities of a modern songwriting veteran, and is brought to life with the expressive delivery akin to a young, albeit slightly manic, David Byrne. It takes from everything that makes music, well, a good time. The praiseworthy amalgamation of surf-pop, LA psych, and jukebox rock 'n' roll that Blitz has whisked into existence actively refrains from simple categorization. However, the one simple thing that can be said of "Good Time" is that every aspect of the track feels solely designed to elicit a pure sense of joy.


Nicky Blitz was kind enough to share a few words with us about what a "Good Time" means to him and what he hopes it can mean for fans,

"'Good Time' is a breezy surf-pop slammer about daring to let loose, even if just for one night. Your definition of a good time might be a rum and cola beneath a peach sunset on the beach. It might be a fucked up eve in a dingy dive bar, or it could be just reading a book. Whatever your version of a good time is, I hope this encourages you to go out and live it.“

Take your first listen to "Good Time" below and keep an eye out for Nicky Blitz' debut project due out this year: