EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Night Lights- “Things We Used To Know”

It happens to the best of us…we lust, we love, we grieve, and it's not until months (or years) later that finally start to examine that situation from an alternate perspective and wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?!" Los Angeles-based four-piece Night Lights examines the age old question, "Do I choose the things I love?" in the form of a dynamic indie-pop anthem called "Things We Used To Know," and Ones To Watch has your first listen today.

"Things We Used To Know" combines Mau Jimenez (vocals/guitar), Yusuke Sato (guitar), Jeff Kinsey (bass), and Dag Hanken's (drums) individual strengths to produce one of those songs that you'll find yourself singing and dancing along with after just a couple listens. Blending indie, pop, and a touch of rock, the track conjures up a healthy fusion of the band's musical influences, Mutemath, Two Door Cinema Club, Friendly Fires and Radiohead.

Opening with a divine build-up leading into an explosive guitar-driven breakdown, Jiminez sings of the post mortem analysis of a serious romantic relationship. He expanded,

"'Things We Used To Know' is an interesting look at breakups. It really sucks to lose someone, and even more so to lose sight of the reasons why you loved that person. At some point, you just forget the things that you used to swear by, the things you used to love. The song brings up the question–Do we get to choose the things we love? Or do the things we love happen upon us and depend on what we remember?"

What do you think? 

Your first listen of "Things We Used To Know" is below.