EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Northern National Uncovers What It Means To “Slow Down” A Liar

Northern National's new alt-rock single, "Slow Down," is an authentic narrative diving deep into the eyes of a self-known liar. Premiering today on OTW ahead of its official Jan. 19 release date, "Slow Down" is an eager cry for much needed change. It's an anthem - an infectious track with lyrics that'll resonate with your soul.

Since their rise in 2016, Dallas-based band Northern National has created quite a buzz with their infectious sound. Grabbing placements on major networks like MTV and TBS, they've racked up over one million Spotify streams and toured nationally with world-renowned rock band, Blue October. "Slow Down" hints at what's to come for Northern National, as they're set to release their second EP entitled D.A.R.K., this spring.  

Frontman vocalist Michael Rossi uncovered the track's deeper meaning:

"We lie for different reasons and within those reasons we make excuses for our lies. 'Slow Down' talks about the realization of the liar we all become and using that realization to not apologize, but change. We lie to ourselves in fear of the honesty of admitting our wrongs, our mistakes, and the lies are easier.

The bridge of the song says, 'I'm a liar, I am tired, I get higher just to hide that I am a liar.' For me this was my realization. This was my 'grow the fuck up' moment. I finally realized that I couldn't 'slow down,' I couldn't 'hold out' and I for sure couldn't 'back down.' I've always been that person who when things got too hard or too real I would back down and hide. It just feels easier in the moment.

People might think that the line 'the only thing I need is you, and that's no lie' is about the significant other, which is true, but it's also about yourself. You can't just change for someone else. You have to change for yourself first and foremost."

Rossi's vocals are striking; he's not just singing to an audience, but he's singing to himself. "Slow Down" is a reminder that transformation is only possible if it's understood by the person needing it. You can't just be told to change - transformation occurs when you finally see what it is inside that needs to be changed.

"Slow Down" is bound to get stuck in your head with its stomping drum kicks and chorus of "Woahs." These elements create a unique fullness to the track - it’s big, its powerful, and it demands to be listened to. “Slow Down” has the urgency to quickly overtake any audience, filling up the empty spaces. There’s also a hint of romance as there’s a soft, piano ballad that graces behind the scenes. It leaves an essence of hope, which this track rightfully evokes.

Prepare for this beat to hit your soul as you listen to “Slow Down” here first: