EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Norwegian Band Kid Astray Reveals First Look at “Joanne” Video

Norway natives Kid Astray reveal the new music video for their uplifting single, "Joanne." The band met in high school back in 2010 and quickly bonded over their love of electro-tinged indie-pop music. We're told we can expect more catchy hooks and fun-loving arrangements in their upcoming EP this summer.

Directed by Ask Sunde, the video's colorfully-saturated visuals compliment the song's emotionally candid lyrics and sizzling synth. We caught up with band member, Håkon, who elaborated on the band's previous relationship with Ask Sunde and how the video came together,

“We worked with Ask Sunde on the video for 'Fall to my Knees;' he edited all the concert footage together. He’s a really talented guy, and when he brought along his friends and his production company, Huge Visuals, it was bound to be a really fun shoot. Since the location that we were supposed to use cancelled, we simply brought along all the equipment, instruments, lights, a smoke machine, and cameras to the flat where Alex, Benjamin, and I live in Oslo. And then we just shot there for two days! It was really low key and improvised, and turned out really cool.”

The neo-80s juxtaposition and the frequent switching between red and blue hues touch on the hot and cold aspects of any new relationship. What we see on camera is emphasized in the (summarized) lyrics, "Joanne I can't tell how you feel, still we pretend and it's so surreal. You got what you wanted; you've got me spinning, but if you stop for a minute, I'll try to make it worth-while." Sonically and lyrically, Kid Astray conveys the sincerity and ease comparable to bands like Passion Pit, The Griswolds and Panama Wedding.

Take a first look at the "Joanne" music video below: