EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Novaa’s “Club Paradise” Is a Cinematic Masterpiece


Novaa is a German artist tinged with mystery. She's only 21 but has already been through at least 10 different colors of hair - a physical manifestation of her expressive and constantly evolving creativity. Her music doesn't quite fall under electronic, folk, indie, or pop but rather somewhere in between it all. Whatever the genre, it simply feels good to listen to. While it's impossible to fully experience the magic inside her mind, Novaa's music is her way of allowing listeners to catch a glimpse of her fantastical inner workings. Luckily for us, she drops her debut single "Club Paradise" today, and it is a stunning sneak peek of what is to come. Novaa would be the product if Alice in Wonderland and Beck had a German lovechild; she's a cutting-edge producer with an innocent, whimsical and other-worldly feel. Let's fall down the rabbit hole.

"Club Paradise" is nothing short of cinematic. Think a futuristic anthem designed for Blade Runner 2049. Novaa has a way of creating a storyline musically, resulting in an overall narration that digs deeper than the lyrics coasting over the surface. It takes the listener to a place of reflection; a mountaintop, a roof overlooking a cityscape, or even a blank space of calm. Her use of orchestral instrumentation makes the song feel like a grand occasion, adding an element of drama to it all, taking her vocals to the next level. Novaa's lyrics mirror the fantasy found in the underlying sonic composition, artfully telling a tale of temptation and desire as she sings, "People talk, people stare. Heaven calls, I don't care. Let me just take a bite, welcome to club paradise."


Novaa has historically been collaboration-heavy, the most prominent being with writer and producer Moglii, a partnership which resulted in her 2016 EP Down Under. Based on the millions of streams racked up by those collaborations, her solo debut single is a big deal. She receives this new chapter with open arms saying,

“Welcome to ‘Club Paradise;' where darkness falls into light and light seeps into darkness and nothing is what it seems. The song was something that came to me naturally and when I wrote it, I had that inner gut feeling and instinct this would be my first single. If asked, I would describe my music as 'Organic Electronic’. I started experimenting with music on my guitar or a piano, but stumbled upon Ableton a few years ago and fell in love with its endless possibilities."

The possibilities are in fact endless for the young up-and-comer, but hitting the festival circuit is a great place to start. Novaa is set to support The XX and Mura Masa at Melt! Festival this July, as well as making appearances at Reeperbahn, Eurosonic, The Great Escape and SXSW 2019. 

Get lost in "Club Paradise" below: