EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Origami Introduces Himself With “Red Eye”


With only a handful of followers (for now) and absolutely zero personal information to be found online, "Red Eye" is Origami's low-key way of introducing himself to the music world. After listening to the indie-electronica track just once, our response becomes an immediate welcoming with open arms.

"Red Eye" incorporates smooth vocals and an entrancingly groovy undertone to construct a piece that can breathe life into an underground dance floor just as easily as a summer pool party or cross-country road trip. The elusive singer/producer lays the foundation with steady head-bobbing beat and embellishes it with funky guitar chords and sparkling synths that keep us captivated from start to finish. 

If "Red Eye" any indication of what's to come as we continue to discover more about Origami, then we will patiently await the next release.