Photo Credit: Sarah Kunst

This first time we heard "Flowers," we were magically transported into an otherworldly land where all of the earth's creatures were free to frolic in vast flowery fields, everyone smiled and waved at one another, and the sun eternally shone above us all. "Surf and soul" band Palmas has just unveiled their latest single, and we hope it does the same for you. 

The Philadelphia and New York City five-piece draw influence from The Zombies, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, and Nancy Sinatra, but in the case of "Flowers," we must say Palmas is sounding a lot like The Beatles…and who could ever deny that? They shared with us,

“'Flowers' is an exceptionally important song for our band. It really marks the beginning of an intentional progression in our songwriting process. The song is our experiment into more complex orchestration and arrangement. 'Flowers' is very special to us for those reasons, and we are hoping it translates as an homage to when classic pop songs were simultaneously challenging and beautiful.

We joke that this song almost 'broke up the band' because it grew to be so different from how we originally rehearsed it. In the end, we all fell in love with the song, and we like to think it made us closer as a band and stronger as musicians."

Following the release of their debut To The Valley EP and a successful Adidas campaign earlier this summer, Palmas make a triumphant return to remind us that those laid back, free-spirited vibrations aren't solely confined to the West Coast. If we could travel back to the '60s, capture a drop of the ocean, and package it into retro sonic goodness, the product would be Palmas.

Ahead of its official release tomorrow, your exclusive stream of "Flowers" is below. Follow Palmas for more.