EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Paper Lions- “Sussudio” (Phil Collins Cover)

At a time of high stress and anxiety across the nation, it's only natural to take solace in the music that makes us feel most at home. Today, we present Paper Lions' cover of "Sussudio," a 1985 classic by the great Phil Collins. With its bright '80s horns and ingenuous pop songwriting, this song about an innocent schoolboy crush effectively provides a (temporary) distraction from the overwhelming political chaos. 

Paper Lions are an indie rock band from the Canadian village of Belfast. Their general sonic ethos revolves around uplifting melodies and stories of lost youth, which was a intuitive match for Phil Collins' pop and R&B songwriting prowess. They've successfully resurrected the number-one hit in a modernized fashion, but most importantly, without foregoing its original essence. 

The band gave us more insight into their process behind the cover, 

"Phil Collins was a major influence while we were putting our latest album together. He's really unlike any other artist from the '80s era… bouncing between pop and R&B and slaying huge ballads all along the way. It was inspiring to look at a catalogue like his and realize that you can really make a song sound 100 different ways through recording and production. The sounds on 'No Jacket Required' are incredible and really progressive for the time. 'Sussudio' has one of my favorite drum sounds, and I really wanted to try and reverse engineer the whole song and figure out how he and his engineers got such amazing sounding instruments. Also, THOSE HORNS!! I remember Rob (our bass player) and I going through the song and figuring out all the horn parts on keyboard, and we were just laughing like two giddy school boys. They are so WILD! Covering the song was real master class in pop songwriting and production."

Paper Lions' "Sussudio" cover will be officially released tomorrow, Nov. 11, and the band is currently working on their next studio album as well. In the meantime, your exclusive stream of the new tune is below.