EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Peter Manos Channels Dark R&B To Convey Lost Love In “In My Head”

Photo: Nolan Knight

It's always refreshing to witness a young artist chooses to step onto the scene with an unabashedly raw, honest, and vulnerable debut. That is precisely why we chose to take on Peter Manos' first-ever single, "In My Head"–as well as the fact that he resembles sensual electronic R&B favorites like Jack Garratt, Black Atlass, and SOHN. 

The 20-year old Nashville-based artist opens the track with a straightforward confession of his lingering feelings after the dissolution of a what seems to have been a deeply connected romantic relationship. This gives us an immediate taste of not only his honest and poignant songwriting style, but also his captivating voice which swiftly carries us through the impending journey of his post-relationship psyche. Manos' soft crooning is supported by the subtle power of Jon Santana's moving ebbs and flows in production–almost as if the keys are rising and falling with Manos' mental fluctuations as he comes to terms with the fact that his love will truly only live "in his head."

Manos shared more insight into "In My Head,"

'"In My Head’ Is a song that sat with me for a minute. I started writing it in my bedroom back in Dallas and didn't end up finishing the song until it was about to be produced. It's important to me to be honest and vulnerable, so writing this one was a way to process through my situation at the time. The song stemmed from a relationship that I was in a while back. It feels like pain from heartbreak is multiplied when love isn't reciprocated. The track holds a lot of emotions that were very real to me at one point in my life, and I hope people who listen to it can get a taste of that or maybe even relate to it in some way."

Listen to "In My Head" below, and keep up with Manos at any of the links below.

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