EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: PLS&TY Delivers a Beautifully Hard-Hitting Remix of Cazzette’s “Run The World”


A proper remix is arguably one of the most difficult things to pull off. Stray too far from the underlying essence of the original and you've done it a seeming disservice; do too little and you've really showcased nothing new at all. PLS&TY has without a doubt pulled off a proper remix with his official remix of Cazzette's "Run The World."

Los Angeles-based producer PLS&TY, born Tommy Leas, has spent the last few years cultivating an earnest following amongst electronic fans and tastemakers with his forward-thinking approach to the genre. Yet, it was the last year that truly established PLS&TY as an artist on the precipice of stardom - amassing tens of millions of plays on Soundclound alone, charting across the world, and finding himself at the number one spot on the HypeMachine chart an unprecedented thirteen times. But enough about PLS&TY's impressive accolades, the reason we're all here is to hear what exactly he's brought to the table this time around with his remix of "Run The World."


PLS&TY's interpretation of "Run The World" arrives at the perfect intersection between subdued beauty and unrestrained party anthem. The opening moments are aflutter with an indescribable magical quality emanating from within the string section, which soon gives way to a deluge of bass-heavy production ripe with cathartic abandonment. The cherry on top is Nadia Gattas' vocals that almost seem to dance alongside this harder-hitting rendition. As for how PLS&TY went about tackling this remix, he was kind enough to share a few words with us,

"Cazzette's 'Sleepless' is one of my all time favorite songs, so I was very happy to be able to complete a remix from Cazzette's high-profile body of work. The vocal in ‘Run The World’ immediately grabbed my attention. With this remix, I desired to give the vocal space to shine on top of the jarring strings, building into a powerful chorus section that echoes 'I'll never let you go.' I hope the fans enjoy a taste of a grittier sound.“

The sentiment of "I'll never let you go" very much resounds as the newfound overarching theme of this remix. In giving both ample care to a song the artist so clearly adores and putting his own unique spin on it without a fleeting feeling of hesitation, PLS&TY has created something new that really does never let you go after its first listen.

Take your first listen to PLS&TY's remix of "Run The World" below: