As you may have noticed in the photo above, BRÅVES keeps their outward appearances fairly concealed, but that's only because the music does all the talking for them. Ones To Watch is honored to present your exclusive premiere of the trio's latest, "Me The Thief," from their forthcoming EP III album.

BRÅVES is comprised of Australian vocalists Jericho and Thorald of The Wood and producer Johnny What. Over the past couple years, they've acquired a reputation for not only an out-of-the-box, experimental pop sound, but also for raising awareness for serious charitable matters. In their own words, BRÅVES is "an artistic social experiment" that observes human subjects in real world situations "for the purpose of better understanding our actions as a species." They've stayed true to that mission, with their last single, "Lovely Bones," aimed at collecting funds to stop child sex trafficking. 

"Me The Thief" takes on a more catchy and positive tone, spreading the notion of an "all-encompassing love" regardless of race, gender, age, or even species, as we witnessed in our sneak peek of the music video. Jericho and Thorald's dynamic vocals take center stage as Johnny's minimal, organic production gives the song that natural essence we've come to know and love about BRÅVES…so "you know it's real." 

Listen to your exclusive stream of "Me The Thief" below, pick up your own copy here, and then read more about BRÅVES' backgrounds, their upcoming EP, and their personal Ones To Watch in our Q&A.

OTW: As we know, all of your songs have a message behind them. What's the story behind "Me The Thief"?

BRÅVES: The message behind "Me The Thief" is one of all-encompassing love. Transcending race, gender, and age. A celebration of all the different parts of humanity. We are all human and all deserve love.

OTW: Where do you draw influence and inspiration for your particular dark pop sound?

BRÅVES: I (Johnny) draw influence and inspiration from my bandmates (Jericho and Thorald)–their voices, personalities, and energies. They’re my muses. We are all inspired by and curious about the darker side of love. The underbelly. Toeing the line of love and obsession. It’s fun to find twisted ways to say things already said in every pop song ever written and get away with it.

OTW: What can we expect to hear on your EP coming out later this month? Any change of direction since EP II?

BRÅVES: You can expect to hear five of our favorite songs we’ve written. There is a definite change in direction in regards to songwriting since EP II. The vibe and sounds are still in a similar wheelhouse but these are definite pop songs. EP II was a collection of our most vibe-heavy material. EP III is the beginning of our transition to pop super stardom. 

OTW: We know (and love) your music, but we want to know more about the individuals behind BRAVES. Tell us about each of your backgrounds and how you came together as BRAVES.

BRÅVES: Wow. Big ask. Haven’t you seen our pictures? We’re trying to remain mysterious. Gawsh…


All I’ll say is we’re a songwriting/production team comprised of me (Johnny What) and brothers Jericho and Thorald. We’re from opposite corners of the earth, and when we met in a songwriting session (for an artist we later produced a record for), we knew we had met our match in each other. We were all in bands before this and learned what we like and don’t like and luckily we all pretty much agree on those things. So it’s been fun creating art on our terms in a cohesive environment. We write and produce for others full-time so we see each other a lot but it never seems to be enough since every spare moment is spent on BRÅVES.

OTW: Who are 3 artists on your Ones To Watch list and why?

BRÅVES: Moses Sumney–I met him when my buddy Joachim brought him over to my place. I meet a lot of musicians, and when one turns out to be as good as him, it’s inspiring and humbling.

Bishop Briggs–I heard her song "River" and instantly fell in love. Apparently Coldplay did too, since I saw her open for them at The Rose Bowl.

Mura Masa–I’m not sure if he still qualifies as up and coming but my god is he good.

OTW: What else is in the works for the band?

BRÅVES: We’re preparing for the release of EP III and then…dun dun dun…LP I. Woooo. We’re all very excited.