EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: RIVVRS Battles for Hope Within Isolation in “Don’t Give Up On Me”


Music is one of our best companions and constants in the midst of loneliness. A song has the ability to perfectly articulate our darkest feelings while also managing to provide a glimmer of optimism and strength. With a soulful voice and poignant lyrics, RIVVRS serves as a sonic vessel between his listeners and their deepest emotions. His forthcoming full-length album, Cosmic Dream, is due for a 2018 release, but we have your exclusive first listen to the leading single, "Don't Give Up On Me."

Brandon Zahursky, better known as RIVVRS, had an unconventional upbringing, moving across California, Washington, Oregon, and eventually back to northern California. While in the Bay Area and prior to his full-time musical career, RIVVRS worked in the wine industry while playing music on the side. It was after he was recommended by a friend to attend the Durango Songwriters Expo that he caught the attention of the Hollywood music supervision community - his debut single, "I Will Follow You," was written into an episode on NBC's About A Boy, which let to a career as a full-time musician. Zahursky recently moved to Los Angeles, and it was in fact this move that inspired "Don't Give Up On Me," as he disclosed,

“I recently moved to LA and I had a hard time mentally and emotionally during my transition down here. I started to really struggle with depression and anxiety, and I isolated myself in many ways because I didn’t have a lot of friends or family around. At the same time, I felt like I was drifting away from my old life, and I felt a lot of guilt and regret for moving. It made me start to feel like I was becoming a totally different person, and I started to second guess myself, and it led me into a dark place. The song was written about that fear of abandonment. Both from the people in my life, and from myself. I found a lot of hope within the darkness I experienced, and so I wanted the song to have a silver lining of hope. The song is a mantra to keep swimming even when you feel like you’re drowning.”

The minimal, acoustic vibes of the track allow Zahursky's commanding vocals to take front and center. The emotion behind the song's meaning is felt in every word, snare, and strum. As stated by RIVVRS, the song has a bittersweet tone that nicely contrasts a fear of abandonment with the hopefulness of relationships that can hold you up. "Hanging on by a thread/Hanging onto the man I used to be," RIVVRS sings, "It feels like we're getting closer to the end/Honey please don't give on me/Don't give up on me." The mellow yet emotionally-charged track is highly compelling and connects the sounds of classic rock Zahursky's father raised him on, with the accessibility of pop.

While we anticipate the release of Cosmic Dream, RIVVRS is on tour as we speak. Check the dates to see if he'll be stopping near you:


Stream "Don't Give Up On Me" below: