EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Running Touch Becomes The “Equaliser” In Infectious New Single & Video


An air of mystery surrounds Running Touch, but the name of the Melbourne-based artist has been circulating the industry with a definitiveness that highly contrasts his aura. Running Touch's debut EP, A Body Slow, hit #1 on the iTunes Electronic album charts and #15 overall in Australia. The multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer, and songwriter proceeded to sell out every show on his 15-stop headline tour. Following all this success, he's back with a new song, and we have your exclusive listen of "Equaliser."  

"Equaliser" starts with a percussive rhythm and robotic chanting that are immediately intoxicating. The song is a contagious blend of pop and electronic sounds that uncannily retain soulful and funky vibe, accentuated by a quirky bassline. Although they don't necessarily exist in the same realm, the track is almost reminiscent of the vibes on Bruno Mars' latest record. It's upbeat and fun, and Running Touch undeniably succeeds in his goal of making people feel "exhilarated, careless, and helplessly mouthing the vocal, even if you hate it."

Whether intentional or not, the vibes on the new track fall into place after knowing where the name comes from:    

"'Equaliser' was birthed at Melbourne institution New Guernica, where I overheard the term being passed around for it later to be coined in to a drink. This record was what came of spending most of this year accumulating and experimenting demos in my studio. This was originally a freestyle demo I created for Instagram called 'A Thousand Years.' It's still there. A completely haphazard tweak led to me terraforming the song and it being pulled out of the 'maybe' pile amongst the 20-odd demos I had. From there, from its creation, amendments, mixing, and artwork, I would have never known how much would have to go into it."

With a background in Melbourne's hardcore scene - whose intensity can be justly identified on "Equaliser" - Running Touch fluidly transitions between electronic, pop, and indie sounds. Not only does he have a reputation as a producer in the musical realm, but also in videography. Running Touch has also fully filmed, directed, and edited an accompanying premiere video that provides brief glimpses into the creation process of "Equaliser." From clips of notecards demarcating the timeline of creation to brewing coffee to him playing various instruments, the video is another work of art that showcases his artistic capabilities.

Running Touch has seen incredible success this year between performing at Groovin' The Moo and opening for heavy hitters like Odesza and ZHU. He's also scored his first major television sync with Netflix's Riverdale, leading to a multitude of songwriting requests for films such as Blade Runner 2049 and the upcoming 50 Shades Freed. While we keep a lookout out for his music in the theaters, we can also expect him to reach new heights in the coming year with more musical success, live shows, and videos. 

Check out "Equaliser" below: